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Champion Insiders like you are not like everybody else, they are serious about their faith, want to make a difference with their lives and believe Christ gave them authority to invade, occupy, influence, and take dominion.

As a spiritual warrior you want to hear everything the Holy Spirit is saying. This is why we created the Champion Insider’s Pass.







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  • Hearing God
  • Secrets to Answered Prayer
  • Prophetic Confrontations
  • The Warring Queens
  • Discerning Demonic Powers of Witchcraft and Religion
  • Identifying Prophetic Spiritualism
  • Overcoming Jezebel in Your Family
  • The Anointing: Do you have this one?
  • 4 Demon Accusations That Stop Spiritual Warriors
  • Benefiting From Spiritual Fathers
  • Sèx, Jezebel And The Spirit of Whoredom
  • Getting Prayer Rèsults.
  • Avoiding Jezebel’s Prophets
  • 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Rise And Fall Of Leviathan
  • When Your Mind Goes CRAZY Do This
  • The Holy Ghost And Power.
  • 6 Demonic Spirits You Can’t Ignore
  • America’s Counterfeit Holy Spirit and Its Name
  • Entering Apostolic Ministry.
  • How To Stop Word Curses
  • A Priesthood of Kings.
  • What Every Prophet Needs To Know
  • And much more!


I WAS DESPERATE FOR ANSWERS. I didn’t know how to get them or what to do. I was a mess. As I began to watch there was something different about this ministry. The power of the Holy Ghost was there and truth was being released into my life. It made me anxious to watch every service.

With each teaching we are being equipped to win. I have been equipped, taught, and even though it’s ongoing, I am certain that God has a plan for my life. I don’t have to be defeated ever again. I am an overcomer who was designed to be victorious.” ─ Anissa

I WAS HUŔT, WOUNDED, AND FULL OF REJECTION. In the very first service I experienced the power and love of God like I had never experienced it before. Since that time, although I’m not perfect, my life has transformed and I’ve grown and matured greatly. In each service there is an impartation of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit has brought identity, correction, deliverance, a warring nature, and a challenge to do more.

I now have a stirring passion to fulfill purpose and destiny. I have also received a governing impartation for leadership and business. As a rèsult I have conducted city-wide inter-generational leadership trainings, been appointed to several board member seats on the City’s Advisory Boards, and even started my own business.” ─ Sherea

“I AM ENGAGED BECAUSE OF THESE SERVICES. The Lord told me he had a wife prepared for me and when I met her it was not going to take long, but it was going to be a quick transition for me. I was nervous about this part. How would I know if she would be faithful and true? Well the Lord answered my question when Apostle Jonas was preaching ‘Your Promise Is in the Storm.’

God said you may not have been with her long but I have been with her and I know she is a warrior, stands, and fights with me. Because of that word I was able to let go of my fears and move forward by faith. Without these services I would not have gotten the deliverance I needed to make it this far.” ─ Joshua

REVELATION IS LIFE CHANGING. The anointing and revelation is truly life changing. I am becoming better equipped for warfare and the daily challenges of life each and every week.” ─ Cortney

SOMETHING WAS MISSING IN MY LIFE. I always thought a nice sports car, a nice house with all the goodies, and a beautiful wife would be a dream come true. Once I reached it, I realized something was missing until I started listening to Apostle Jonas. He is very bold but has a humble and gentle heart of gold, with a noble mission for saving souls, helping needy kids, and battered women. Listening to him has helped me understand my true purpose in life, and, I Love it!” ─ Luis

I WAS USED AND ABUSED, BUSTED AND DISGUSTED. Now I know God has a plan for my life. The Lord met me where I was and brought me face to face with my God given purpose. I didn’t have any expectations and thought this church was just like any other church. Boy was I wrong about that! When Apostle Jonas ministers the Word of God I feel like he is ministering just to me. The Holy Spirit uses him to tell me the truth about me.” ─ Dominque

I KNOW VICTORY IS THE ONLY OPTION. Apostle Jonas has helped me see myself as part of a royal priesthood of kings. I have received power to overcome and exercise spiritual authority in my life by Jesus Christ. I have been equipped for battle and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are activated in me. I know that my life is not about just me anymore but in manifesting the kingdom of God.” ─ T’aleisha

BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT. It felt weird at first but really changed my life. I came to understand there is life in the Spirit and we can’t operate in the flesh if we want to please God. I feel great when I can answer questions about God and what he has for us. These services have helped me see the strength and authority I possess in Christ.” ─ Desmond

GIVEN US HOPE. We have been going through a lot espècially in the area of finances. Watching the services at Spirit of Life Ministries has given us new hope. Apostle Jonas has been preaching about breakthrough and increase. My husband keeps saying that things will be better soon. And it has! Now we are able to pay our bills and are looking forward to being debt frèe.” ─ Terrel

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